Making digital and traditional marketing work together

How traditional and digital marketing work together

Simply speaking, digital and traditional marketing contains any type of marketing and advertising that doesn’t occur online. Digital marketing, alternatively, is every form of marketing that occurs online.

Especially, traditional marketing contains:

Print (magazines, newspapers)

Broadcast (television, radio)

Direct mail


And digital marketing contains:



Content marketing

Email marketing

Social media marketing

Advantages of Digital marketing:

Digital marketing is functionally different from traditional methods.

Digital marketing concentrates on extremely targeted, outcomes-driven marketing that allows you to advertise specifically to individuals in your market. It’s small, lesser-accurate, and — most significantly — affordable.

You could not receive the same reach as traditional methods, but you’ll only connect to individuals who definitely are serious about turning into your customers.

The greatest benefits of digital marketing include:

Indirect customer acquisition

Low Cost



Above coming from all of this, Internet utilization is speedily improving, and it’s planned to keep on increasing for several years to come.

Which means you presently have a huge target audience currently online — and it’s possibly likely to get much larger. A larger target audience indicates more business, and that means more progress.

Plus, the truth that a great deal of digital marketing — like content marketing — includes indirect customer acquisition can make it the ideal match to the productive acquisition techniques in traditional marketing.

And to really make it a lot better, digital marketing as an overall is a lot more versatile and reactive than traditional strategies. You are able to modify your campaigns anytime you choose with fast (often immediate) outcomes.

There are no patiently waiting, no agreements and no upsells. You simply do what you wish when you’d like to do it.

And because it rarely charges anything at all compared to traditional marketing, your company can begin using digital marketing with almost never any additions to your budget.

 both traditional and digital marketing have their own benefits. But what’s the benefits of making use of them both?

How digital and Traditional Marketing  Work Together

Dynamic and Passive

Traditional marketing is commonly considered to become passive, although digital marketing definitely includes the targeted market. This seriously makes it possible for the two approaches to match each other, working together to accomplish the company’s expected goals. Even though television and print ads are helpful in distributing information, they are able also to integrate a concept to check for further information on a web page, a “call to action” of sorts. Coca-Cola is usually an example of an organization who has constantly accomplished a great job integrating fun online bonuses. The “Share a Coke” marketing campaign last summer permitted consumers to discover their names and the names of friends on bottles of their favorite drinks. Wrapping also contains hashtags, which motivate shoppers to promote pics of the targeted product and tag friends in their social media posts.

By using both methods, your organization has the ability to achieve more prospective customers. An example of an organization who uses various channels to their benefits is McDonald’s. This fast food chain uses billboards and print ads to draw the interest of prospective customers, but will also contain a powerful online presence, specifically via social media. This enables their information to reach all types of consumers who they may not have reached as long as they had stuck to simply one channel.

What are connected shoppers doing and not doing online?