We have to update our SEO Strategy for 2017.keep few things in mind in 2017.

seo strategies for 2017 final

1.Mobile Friendly Website:

Mobile friendly websites have a special task to accomplish. They will need to provide information to a potential client, but in a a little bit different way than your regular website. The purpose being, a mobile end user will have interaction with your site in a different way on a mobile device versus a common browser.First you have to check your website is responsive or not. A mobile friendly website will download quickly simply because the code is organised in a way that it is suitable with mobile devices.User experience is also very important in mobile friendly website. Suppose  If the end user can’t quickly search and read the information on your site from their mobile device, they will leave the webpage immediately it means user experience is worst. Google always prefer user experience instead of using other things.

2. Fast Loading Website:

Google always given good ranking to fast loading website because if a website have a fast load time it means user experience is good. On the other side nearly 40 percent users will leave a website immediately if the loading time more than 4 seconds so always check your site loading speed if you want better search ranking on google.


Focus on Top Quality and unique Content:

Google always consider quality content rather than quantity.Unique and top quality content always help your site to get more traffic.All algorithms of google are indirectly connected to Unique and top quality content. If your content is good than you easily achieve good ranking on google.

Use Long-Tail Keywords:

First we know what is long Tail keywords?Long tail keywords are usually longer and more unique and also have higher conversion rates. Long tail keywords get a lesser amount of search traffic, but will usually have a better conversion value, as they are more specific.

If you want genuinely profit coming from a keyword strategy concentrating on long tail keyword, you should have a very clear imaginative and prescient vision of your company, your product and your website.

Focus on quality back-links rather than quantity:

Quality back-links play an important role in achieving good ranking on google. Use various tools for quality back-links such as solo seo is the best tool for finding quality back-links on google because they provide relevant queries according to your keyword.

As shown in screenshot put your relevant keyword that exactly match your website you will get lots of queries for generating quality back-links for your website.


Use HTTP for your website:

First we Understand what is HTTP? HTTP means hyper text transfer protocol over which data is delivered between your browser and the website that you are connected to. According to google the most important thing is user trust if your website is using HTTP instead of using HTTP than the user already know that your website is secured. Google always given top priority to HTTP website and also help you in achieving higher ranking on google.

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