What is The difference between Physical marketing and Digital Marketing


Lots of small businesses have difficulty with deciding which kind of marketing to do, because of a limited budget. Print ads in newspapers and magazines ads are the best example of Physical marketing and other examples such as Flyers, Flex, Canopy, Tv ads, Radio ads etc.

On other Side When someone Spends money in developing a website and promoting products through social networking platforms such as facebook, Twitter, Linkedin youtube, this kind of marketing is known as Digital marketing.

Some Benefits of  Physical marketing are as follows:


traitional marketing1

In Physical Marketing Marketers will effortlessly reach their targeted local audience.

Physical marketing has a more personal approach because marketers can have a person-to-person relationship in showing the public about their brand’s name.

It can be quickly recognized by the public simply because they are previously exposed to this type of strategy. It is something that most people today can have access on.


Some Elements of Physical marketing are as follows:

Print Marketing: Print advertising enables the use of the newspaper in flow to focus on all the advertisements. Even though print marketing is the most well-known form of advertising.

Broadcast marketing: Broadcast Marketing means advertising through television and radio. Broadcast marketing are so expensive but also helps in reaching a Larger audience in a very short span of time.

Direct Marketing:  In Direct marketing printed materials such as brochures, postcards, leaflets, canopy have been used for sales promotional activities.


Benefits of Digital marketing are as follows:

traditional marketing 2

Digital marketing generates higher conversion rates if do properly.

Digital marketing helps in improving the brand recall value.Since people see you more frequently, they are more probably to recall you and therefore come again to you trying to find the product or service that you offer.

 Digital marketing provides you better reach and target audience.

 Digital marketing provides you customer engagement and also helps in catching the interest of the consumer and also attracts them to engage in the discussion.

 Digital marketing provides you better visibility and also allows real-time customer service to produce larger revenues, maintain much more customers, and generate new happy consumers.

 you can quick evaluate the real-time overall performance of your marketing campaigns which definitely helps you to determine what is working or not. As a result, you can also enhance your performance.

 You can quickly increase the number of visitors to your website, number of potential customers, conversion rates, revenue.

 Some elements of Digital marketing are as Follows:


Online Advertising:

Online advertising helps you in reaching your target audience in a very short span of time. Google AdWords is the best example of online advertising.In Google AdWords, you can target ads through keywords. Your ad will be eligible to appear when someone searches the keyword which you have put in the campaign.In search ads of Adwords, you have to pay only when someone clicks on your ad.


Search Engine optimization:

Search engine optimization helps you in increasing your website visibility and also helps in achieving keyword ranking on google.

 Social media optimization:

Social media has to turn into an important source of connection between people and their favorite brand. Use this channel to have a conversation with your customers.

Digital marketing for Small businesses in 2018