Why  are Facebook ads are best for Ecommerce  Business

Based on Research, a normal return on investment from Facebook Ads in e-commerce is 152%. More than 3 million E-commerce companies currently advertising and marketing on Facebook, increasing an audience’s attention and converting it into e-commerce sales is having more challenging day by day.

Listed below are Some powerful Facebook advertising techniques that each and every e-commerce marketer must have in their toolkit.

Use Dynamic Product Ads:

Dynamic product ads may be the greatest ROI approach e-commerce sites will use – an opportunity to get back unwilling customers by displaying them customised ads primarily based on their action on your site.

you’ve most likely noticed big sites like Amazon.com retarget you on Facebook it means a person who already visited your website will see your ad.

To get began with Dynamic Product Ads:

Publish your products listing to Facebook Business Manager.

Put a customised audience pixel to your website.

Generate a dynamic template.

Create Display Product Ads in the Power Editor.


Multi-Product  ads help in Conversion:

Multi-product ads display a number of products in a single ad.

Multi-product ads are very helpful in conversions because much more appropriate products a consumer views the greater the possibility of them buying.


Enable Retargeting Campaigns for more conversions:

72% of internet buyers on normal depart their shopping carts without finishing a purchase.

Without having retargeting, only 8% of them may come returning to buy.

With Retargeting campaign 26% visitors come back to complete a purchase.


Enable Lookalike audiences for more new customers:

Facebook will help you to definitely discover new buyers based on your past customer’s characteristics.

Lookalike Audiences enable you to advertise people who will be very similar to your current customers and probably be interested in your products as well.

you may feature Facebook’s other interest and demographic targeting options to discover appropriate new customers.


Focus on Your Top rated Buyers with Appropriate Features, Special offers:

An additional strategy is to create a custom audience of previous buyers and newsletter subscribers and targeted them with appropriate offers or special discounts to encourage their loyalty.


Facebook ads are best for e-commerce business in 2017.One of the best feature of facebook ads is retargeting and facebook ads also help you in finding new customers with looklike audiences.Facebook ads have a very less CPC(Cost per click) as compared to Google Adwords.