Why Google Adwords is a lead and sales machine.


Google AdWords is an excellent tool for generating targeted Leads and traffic to e-commerce websites and other businesses. But it is also a great tool for generating B2B Leads.

You can only show ads to relevant people who are interested in your products you can target your audience through google search Campaign. In Google Search Network You can target your audience through Keywords.Google search network is also known as lead generation network.You can easily generate leads and target your relevant audience who actually Interest In Your Business.Please keep Few things in mind while running Google Search Network.

Use Conversion Bidding for More Targeted Leads:

When you are using AdWords only for conversions It doesn’t make sense to focus on clicks.CPA Bidding is the best if you are focused only for conversions.You can Enable CPA Bidding in your Adwords account after 15 conversions or after 30 days time period.Keep Few things in Mind before using Conversion Bidding(CPA) For your campaigns.

First, you have to installed conversion tracking pixel on your website. For Example: Paste the conversion tracking pixel on the thank you page that loads after the visitors completed the sign-up form.

If you set your campaign in CPA Bidding Adwords will automatically run your campaign and try to generate more leads in CPA Goal.

When you are using CPA bidding there are several things to remember:

In the beginning, your cost per lead is going to be much higher than what you have set. AdWords requires time to understand and cannot optimize immediately.

You have to Track your CPA Bidding everyday to avoid any extra cost for your campaign.

Know How to Improve your performance of CPA Campaign:

Find out new keyword and create new ad groups. Include a lot more keywords to existing ad groups. More keywords = more reach and more leads. If the level of competition for these keywords is very low then the CPCs are going to be low resulting in cheaper leads.

Always Write relevant and better ads. Better write ads are always helpful in generating High click-through rate(CTR) and also helpful in generating more cheaper leads. If you have Good CTR AdWords will reduce your cost per click(CLICK).


In 2017 google AdWords consider as a  lead and sales machine.Google AdWords are also helpful in generating b2b Leads.so if we optimize our campaign properly we will definitely get good results. So call Now: +919871502895  for technical help/Support for your AdWords campaign.

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