Why Shopping advertising is Best for product based marketing

shopping advertising


Google Shopping Advertising can help customers discover your product or service at the time that they can require it. By hitting into the increasing quantity of online visitors, Google Shopping reveals your items to much more prospective customers. By matching unique search queries to your relevant product offer, Google Shopping offers you additional control over exactly where your ads show up and will increase your levels of top quality website traffic.

Comprised of a collection of Product Listing Ads Google Shopping Increases website traffic and product sales to your website or local store. Since the launch of Product listing ads in 2012, Google Shopping offers more than 1.6 billion products via 23 countries.

At the end of 2014, Google launched a new campaign type with the traditional Product listing ads called Google Shopping Campaigns to enhance the way you manage and bid on your products, report on your own performance, and discover possibilities to increase your traffic from Google.

Benefits of Google Shopping advertising Campaigns:

Much more product or service focused

Google Shopping offers more product or service distinct overall performance details. By giving your total product inventory instantly in AdWords, you are able to structure your campaigns by product types and categories to provide you better control over your bidding strategies.

More professional reporting functionality

Google Shopping Campaigns now give you the capability to see your overall performance information by product or product attribute. Since performance analytics are connected together with the product and not the product group, you are able to filter and segment data from your product attributes. This consists of Google product category, product type, brand, condition, item id and custom labels.

Having access to competitive metrics

A newcomer to Google Shopping is definitely the potential to acquire useful information into your very competitive landscape.  At this point, you may have access towards the approximated average CTR and Max CPC for other advertisers with similar products. Even though the overall performance data is confidential it provides you with an accurate benchmark about what your opponents are doing and allows you to make more proper decisions.

How can Google Shopping Campaigns make it easier to sell more products?

➤ Maximize the top quality of your leads (through appropriate product details)

➤ Enhance your website traffic (by guiding prospective customers on your website)

➤ Acquire a greater Click Through Rate  (in contrast to just text ads)

Used efficiently, Google Shopping allows you to assume control over your search marketing strategies to:

➤ Much better control on your online products.

➤ Optimize your advertising spending budget to decrease your Cost Per Purchase.

➤ Give essential items exposure and take control with the search results page with multiple appropriate products offering pictures and pricing.

Conclusion: Shopping advertising is best for product based marketing because it provides more control and also helps in more conversions with a lower cost per sale.

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